What We Do:


    We Fight For Survivors!

    You are not alone

    We stand with you in the fight for Justice

    Nicole Gorovsky has spent her entire career fighting criminals, abusers and the institutions that protect them. As a prosecutor and as a civil attorney, she knows what it is like to stand side by side with survivors.







    Sexual Assault

    Title IX

    Campus Sexual Assault

    Childhood Sexual Assault/abuse

    School Bullying

    School Violence

    Cyber crime

    Cyber stalking

    Child Pornography/child exploitation

    Revenge porn


    Negligent security


    Campus violence


    Domestic Abuse

    Wrongful death

    Identity Theft

    Invasion of Privacy

    Elder Abuse

    Nursing home abuse

    Defamation related to these issues

    Whistleblowing related to these issues


    We are also available to present workshops and training programs to organizations looking to prevent these crimes.


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