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In my lifetime, I have had multiple scary experiences with car drivers. Once, in my 20s, while working for a large corporate law firm in Chicago, a driver for the limousine service chosen by the firm scared me so much by the things that he was saying to me, that I jumped out of the car at a traffic light. Another time, a different driver of the same service drove down a deserted road that was not on the way the way to the airport as I had requested. When I called the driver out, he told me that he had to go to the bathroom. There was no public bathroom in the direction where we were going. I yelled so loudly that I was calling 911, that I surprised even myself and thankfully, he went back to the highway. My heart races even in cabs. I always take note of the driver's name and credentials thinking at least I have a name to report if anything happens.

I am part of the over-40 crowd now and I live in suburbia without the need for car services. When Uber came along it surprised me. I've never liked the idea of getting into a car with a stranger who could drive me down a road to nowhere. I always wondered where the responsibility would fall if someone was hurt with UBER. But, UBER took off and and no one talked about harm and I thought, maybe I just worry too much... Nope. We need the worriers, but we need them to work for these companies.

Companies who claim to take responsibility for people - especially those who advertise themselves as taking responsibility for the vulnerable population of drunk people at night - need to protect their customers. They need people in their ranks who will stand up and say ..."wait, we need safeguards to make sure no one is hurt..."


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