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One more important letter


Dear Archbishop Robert Carlson,

On Thursday, August 23, 2018, you offered Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley “unfettered” access to your files so that he can investigate childhood sexual abuse within your diocese. You stated that you were being transparent in doing so and that it was not a gamble for you because you felt certain that your diocese has behaved properly.


I am writing to ask, in the spirit of that promised transparency, that you release all attorneys and victims who have settlement agreements, or any other kind of “deal” with the Archdiocese of St. Louis requiring that they remain silent about what happened to them, and how the Archdiocese treated them, from these requirements.


I ask that you promise that you will not pursue damages, liquidated damages, defamation charges or any other actions against attorneys or victims who wish to tell the Attorney General or anyone else about their experiences.

Given your certainty about your good deeds, your openness, your history, and your policies, you should be happy to agree to this.


As you know, such an action would go a long way toward assuring the public that this truly is a “transparent” investigation.

Thanks in Advance,

Nicole Gorovsky

Gorovsky Law, LLC.
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