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New Lawsuit filed today

In a courageous attempt to stand up to SIUE for failing to protect sexual assault survivors, Bailey Reed has filed a new Title IX lawsuit in Federal Court today. Although she hoped her University would do the right thing, Reed was heartbroken when SIUE’s Title IX process turned out to be discriminatory toward women and rape survivors. She filed a lawsuit today in hopes of making change at the University and to prevent this type of discrimination from happening to someone else.

Reed wants to urge every single person who saw, suspected or suffered sex crimes and cover ups in all institutions – especially on the SIUE campus – to protect students by calling police, get help by calling professional therapists, expose wrongdoers by calling law enforcement, and get justice by calling attorneys. This is how students will be safer, victims will recover, criminals will be prosecuted, discrimination and cover ups will be deterred, and the truth will surface.

According to Nicole Gorovsky, Reed’s attorney, “SIUE had many opportunities to provide a fair and non-discriminatory process in this case. It chose instead to violate a student’s rights. SIUE stole Reed’s ability to have an education free from sexual harassment and gender discrimination

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