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New Lawsuit filed against kindercare

Child abused at daycare by teacher with prior assault plea

A nine-month old Baby was assaulted by her daycare teacher at KinderCare in Creve Coeur on May 24, 2018. The teacher struck the baby so hard on her back that other teachers in the child care center heard the pounding. Investigation revealed that the teacher had previously pled guilty to assault and that other teachers in the day care center had reported her for being too rough with the children.

In addition, investigation showed that KinderCare repeatedly violated State Law by exceeding the number of children allowed based on the number of staff available. This happened on the day that the baby was injured. KinderCare management was aware of the law violation issue and told employees to cover it up and hide it from parents by passing babies from one room to another thereby endangering children.

Lastly, KinderCare misled parents by falsely advertising that they provide a safe environment with teachers who are the best and the brightest.

According to Nicole Gorovsky of Gorovsky Law, LLC, “Parents should be able to feel safe with their child care providers -especially one that claims to emphasize safety like KinderCare does. Kindercare’s behavior here, in failing to do a proper background check, failing to listen to the warnings of its employees, and failing to follow minimal state child safety laws is terrifying and led to a child getting hurt.”

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