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Massage Luxe fails to protect customers

new filing by gorovsky law

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Massage LuXe, a St. Louis based corporation with over 29 massage therapy locations in eleven states failed to learn or grow from the errors of its competition, Massage Envy, in refusing to protect women. Despite the more than 150 women who reported sexual abuse at Massage Envy, and the public outcry that followed, Massage LuXe failed to put adequate safeguards in place at their locations to prevent sexual abuse. Massage LuXe further failed to properly train its employees to handle reports of sexual assault.

According to a petition filed today, Jane Doe 1, a customer at the Massage LuXe location in Creve Coeur in April 2017, was sexually assaulted by a massage therapist. She immediately reported her sexual assault to the front desk manager. She then quickly reported her assault to the police.
Despite this, Massage LuXe allowed the alleged perpetrator to continue to be alone in massage therapy rooms with unclothed vulnerable customers. They let him work after Jane Doe’s reported assault, and throughout the investigation. He had access to her personal contact information following her report which made her so terrified, she had to move.

Jane Doe 1 is a courageous person, and she is not the first to encounter this problem at Massage LuXe. In October 2017, a massage therapist at a Massage LuXe location in Edwardsville was convicted of sexually assaulting a 42 year-old woman two years earlier. Three other victims came forward to testify against him at trial. In May 2017, a massage therapist at a Massage LuXe location in Florida was arrested for sexually assaulting a client. This company must implement safeguards to protect customers.

According to Nicole Gorovsky, of Gorovsky Law, Doe’s attorney, “Massage spas are places where customers are in vulnerable positions. They trust that even though they are vulnerable in a massage room, the company has done a good job of protecting them – by vetting, training and supervising the employees. When they do not do these things, people get hurt.”


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