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Let’s not focus on Eric

Greitens today

Just for one day, take the victim’s perspective

· sexual assault

Everyone in St. Louis and beyond knows that Eric Greitens, the Missouri state governor, is scheduled to stand trial today. He is alleged to have, among other things, taken a photograph of a semi naked woman in a vulnerable position against her will. He is further alleged to have threatened the woman with the distribution of the photograph. Although not a charged crime, state congressional hearings revealed the woman also stated that Greitens sexually assaulted her in this same incident.

Of course, Missourians are focused on the “Greitens” trial that begins today. What will his dream team of lawyers do? Will he testify? Will he be convicted? But, for today, I challenge you to flip your thinking.

Just for today, focus on the victim. How does she feel about being forced into this process that she didn’t ask for? What does she think about News Channel 4 announcing to the world this morning that her name will be used openly in court this week? Did she want the case to be forced to trial in such an expedited and haphazard manner? Does she feel adequately prepared for a “dream team” of defense attorneys including an ex-United States Attorney and the most notorious criminal defense attorney in the state? Does she feel that her rights have been adequately represented in this prosecution? Has her voice been represented?

Think about it. Our system protects the accused and that is necessary, required, noble and just. What do we do to victims though?

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