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illinois universities - time to tell the truth

Illinois Colleges reporting different sexual assault numbers to the public from ones reported to the attorney general

Thank you CBS Chicago for informing the public about discrepancies in campus sexual assault reporting in Illinois. According to reporter Irika Sargeant, Universities in Illinois report to the public one low number of sexual assaults that occurred in a particular year and then report to the Attorney General a much higher truthful number.

For example, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville reported to the public that there were 7 sexual assaults in one year. However, they reported to the Illinois Attorney General that there were 23 in that same year. The 23 number was not made public.

Students and their parents deserve to know the safety issues at their chosen University. They should be given the right to make fully informed decisions about their safety and that of their loved ones.

Shame on these institutions for hiding the truth.

Check out the full story at:

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