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Cosby...Guilty...A Turning Point in American History

Yesterday's verdict is not just a victory for those Cosby assaulted, it is a victory for gender equality in our culture

· sexual assault

I have done too many depositions and trials where slick defense attorneys ask women - no matter what their age, race, or socioeconomic status - why they didn't do this, why they didn't do that, why they didn't behave in the specific way that society expects abuse victims to behave. And too many times, I have seen the tactic work. Too many times, the Cosbys of the world are successful in grooming victims, families and entire communities into thinking that they could never be sexual abusers. Finally, yesterday, a group of jurors heard all of the worn, tired, antiquated tactics - the "she didn't act like a victim should act," the "he is a saint and could never do something like this" tactics, and said "NO." The jurors saw through the tactics and said "I believe you." It is a huge cultural shift. Next time, hopefully it won't take 80 plus women to counter one man. Keep fighting to level the playing field Survivors! Experts in rebalancing power

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