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    March 8, 2019 · Law,Law firm,Abuse law,Crime law
    I am often asked about the process of having a case with my law firm. How long will it take? What kinds of things will I have to do as a client? Here is a summary of how the process works: At the beginning there is some time involvement from clients and then it increases as we go further into...
    February 21, 2019 · Child sex abuse,sexual assault,Catholic Church,Church Scandal
    As the Catholic Bishops gather in Rome this week to discuss pedophilia in their ranks, there are many things they likely will not discuss. Although the Catholic hierarchy is well aware of the problem of childhood sexual abuse and has, in fact, more institutional historical knowledge about it than...
    Thank you CBS Chicago for informing the public about discrepancies in campus sexual assault reporting in Illinois. According to reporter Irika Sargeant, Universities in Illinois report to the public one low number of sexual assaults that occurred in a particular year and then report to the...
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